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Charbonneau is the sum total of four complementary divisions

Charbonneau Energy Expertise

Quality is our priority

Project quality has long been top of mind for Charbonneau. In fact, the secret to our longevity is our drive to deliver facilities that stand the test of time. We have always prioritized finding talented people with finely honed skills and specialized expertise. By recruiting a high-quality specialized workforce, offering them the tools they need to maximize their potential, and rigorously overseeing them, we produce projects that truly stand out.

Putting the right players on the right team

Our management team places great importance on putting the right players on the right team. It is not enough to recruit highly motivated qualified employees: they must also be well supported and integrated to thrive, enjoy themselves, and succeed on a daily basis. We believe that the size of our team offers our employees good mobility, so the right people are assigned to the right tasks on the right teams.