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Our associates’ combined expertise is a recipe for excellence

The keystone in the arch of Charbonneau’s success is this: decentralized power. The Charbonneau family has always believed that teamwork and collective engagement can make or break a project. Although they work in concert with one another, each division has its own decision-making centre.

« One major factor contributing to our success is our ability to respond and pivot on a dime—and much faster than a larger outfit. By giving each division head the opportunity and authority to move quickly, we see big gains in productivity. »


Jean Charbonneau
President and CEO, Charbonneau
Eric Loiselle - Charbonneau


Éric Loiselle
Vice-President Finance, CPA-CMA


Dany Litwin, Eng.
General Manager
Jean-François Paquette
Director, Project Management
Sylvain Ouellette
Director, Project Delivery
David Charbonneau, ing.
Project Supervisor, Manager, Drafting and Technology Studio
Benoit Malouin
Director, Estimates and Business Development
Cédric Dumberry
Senior Estimator


Éric Moreau
General Manager


Hugo Ducharme, ing.
General Manager


Martin Samson
Director, Operations