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Timeout Market, le Cathcart et le Central

We’re an active contributor to getting new restaurant concepts onto the local market. In recent years, the city has enjoyed the arrival of new food courts: Time Out Market, Le Cathcart and Le Central. A far cry from traditional mall food courts, they are all about diverse, high-end culinary experiences.

When it came to the construction of these eateries, we took care of the building mechanicals, i.e. installing sanitary facilities, the potable water supply system, and other essential components that keep these businesses running smoothly.

With a track record that reaches back more than 100 years, Charbonneau is the industry leader in plumbing, heating, and air conditioning in Greater Montreal and its surrounding areas. From shopping centres to skyscrapers, new constructions to renovations, the team’s diversified service offering—CONSTRUCTION, SERVICES, ENERGY, DISTINCTION—delivers institutional, private, multi-tenant, and residential projects.